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Velocity Education Group

Positive Momentum Positive Results

Velocity Education Group is a nationwide education service provider. We partner with school districts, schools & colleges serving 8th-12 grade low-income individuals and first-generation college students.


Our mission is to provide guidance around college and career readiness in a fashion that has never been done before. By using our products & services schools, organizations and districts can receive a plug and play curriculum that aligns with the S.E.L Model, with emphasis on soft skills that keep students engaged and ready to learn.  Let's work with our students early on to answer this question with confidence

"What plan have you put in place to be successful after graduation?"

Let's work together to build a plan! Our team is ready



Marlo Prioleau, MBA- Director of Education and Development.

Marlo believes in higher education and holds firm to the notion that proper planning is the key to a successful healthy lifestyle. Marlo obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from South Carolina State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from The University of Phoenix. Marlo spent several years working in corporate America, before turning his attention to disadvantaged youth across the southeast.  


He has toured numerous college campuses and has students attending college at public and private schools across the country. He is proficient in college admissions and has an extreme passion for seeing young people and adults exceed in higher education and life in general.






Dr. Norris Williams


Dr. Williams is a highly creative leader who has a proven track record of engaging parents and families in the school culture, creating strong academic and social support systems for students, promoting high expectations for student outcomes, and providing multiple opportunities for students to find their strengths and passions.

He is currently the Principal of Clover Virtual Academy in Clover, SC. 


Adrien D. Porter

Principal Porter has proven over time that he can work effectively with individuals of all backgrounds. Mr. Porter has the 
ability to motivate others at all levels in the achievement of their desired goals. Has a reputation for consistently going above and beyond what is required. Mr. Porter possess excellent leadership qualities, team building skills and is a master of youth engagement. 

Michael Finkley

Mr. Finkley completed a B.A. Degree in English from Allen University, received a Masters of Education with specialties in Educational Studies from Southern New Hampshire University, and a Masters of Science in Higher Education Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. My ultimate goal is to continue to grow within the Higher Education arena and make a difference through education for our students. 

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Corey Jones

Corey Jones completed his Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management at the University of South Carolina in 2014. He currently works as an Early Career Tech Recruiter at Google where he specializes in finding top talent from colleges and universities. Corey enjoys being an asset to his community and prides himself on mentoring by setting an example

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