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Preparing For Life After High School

Virtual Summer Camp 

We are excited to announce that our Virtual Summer Camp is here!  "Preparing For Life After High School " is now available in as one week or two-week (upon request) summer intensive.  Our camp is 100% online and is packed full of the following lessons: 


 *College What's The Point? *Completing Tasks *Recognizing Your Gifts *Decision Making *The Importance of Education and more!

*Camp is one week, one hour per day live zoom instruction.

*Read and Answer Questions Independently 

*Join Group Discussion Daily 1:00pm-2:00pm

Camp Schedule and Syllabus Attached 






Summer of Success! Preparing for Life After High School. Enroll Now Click Here 

Registration Open Now

Start-10:00am-1:00pm Mon-Friday Independent Study

Group Discussion: 1:00pm-2:00pm Mon-Fri 

Camp Starts Every Monday Starting June 6th



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